Deadly Ilusions


Battle Mage or Magical Engineer?
Like that was even a real question.
Battle Mage. Obviously.

Magical Engineers live quiet, boring lives.
I crave excitement.
And as an agent for the Arcane Mage Intelligence Agency,
That’s exactly what I get.

It’s a pretty great life.
I go on solo missions, kicking ass and taking names,
I hook up with men whenever I want to blow off some steam,
And I hang out with my family if I’m ever after company.

Everything changes when my psycho uncle fails in his attempt to kill my father.
Now, I’m in charge of the manhunt against him.
I’ll make sure he pays for threatening those I hold dear.

The only problem?
I’m no longer working solo,
And the team I’ve been assigned is a threat to both my sanity and my heart.